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Treatment: Tattoo Removal

I have had tattoo removal work done at LSS Jacksonville. They are wonderful, caring and knowledgeable. I have had my tattoos treated elsewhere and was not satisfied. The Doctor and her staff made me feel at ease and they really seem to be genuinely interested in their patients ultimate happiness. It is not easy to undergo change but they make it easier. If you are looking for a place in North East Florida to improve yourself, look no further then Dr. Jill Lezaic and LSS.

Treatment: Tattoo Removal

I first went to LSS for laser tattoo removal and ended up not only satisfied with how well that process is going, but how gorgeous and amazing I feel about myself after several other treatments I've received! The entire staff at LSS is not only kind, caring and compassionate but they are all very knowledgable and made me feel completely comfortable from the moment I first arrived. They continue to always be so helpful and wonderful and I wish I could take them with me when I move!! :):):)

Treatment: Tattoo Removal

This review is long overdue. But I realized on my last (August 5, 2014) laser tattoo removal treatment that I owe it to Dr. Lezaic and her amazing staff to write a review that expressed my sentiments and very positive experiences with her establishment. Please allow me to explain my personal experience with Dr. Lezaic and her staff over the last 1 1/2 years: First, I will let you know that I am a man who has high expectations for the level quality in both customer service and the skill level of the staff of any establishment I'm looking to give my money to. I expect staff to offer a pleasant greeting and demeanor. I expect that if I'm giving them my money they should work for it and go out of their way to make certain that I'm fully satisfied with my purchase and experience with their organization. I'm a transplant from Pennsylvania and have lived here in Jacksonville, Florida for the last 4 years. I say that because I think my high expectations are a result of the fact that, in my experience, it's common to have businesses that go out of their way to provide these very things back home. I don't usually have to look for it when I'm home because I know I can find it. I have noticed, however, that it is nowhere near as common here in Jacksonville as it is at home. This may simply be my individual experience but it has been my experience none-the-less. Why would I tell you this? Because since the beginning of my treatments at Laser Skin Solutions, I have had nothing but absolutely pleasant experiences. In my opinion, Dr. Lezaic sets the bar for both quality customer service and skill level among all the business experiences I have had over the course of the last 4 years. (I can name hundreds of business experiences.) I have been going to Laser Skin Solutions for the last 1 1/2 years and I've received about 14 treatments on a very stubborn tattoo that I'm a fool for ever getting. During every treatment I have been treated with respect and consideration above and beyond anything that I have requested of them. If I have a complaint or a concern or a question I am greeted with a considerate response every time and that is HUGE to me being as I know that I have high expectations, especially from healthcare professionals who I believe should know what they are doing. Furthermore, since I started going to Laser Skin Solutions, I've received discounts on services bought in bulk. Also, recently there have been two times where there was a schedule mix up with my appointments and the staff have taken full responsibility and adjusted their schedules to accommodate me when I was already there at a time they did not expect. I don't know for sure if it was their fault or not but I'm very good about being on time and making certain that I am there at my particular appointment time. Regardless, they still took responsibility for it and that floored me because I honestly don't remember the last time a company has done that without me having to remind them of their responsibilities in circumstances like these, which I'm happy to do if they need it but have never had to do with Laser Skin Solutions. Dr. Lezaic's staff, including Amanda, Farin (I hope I spelled that correctly) Lori (I hope I spelled that one right, too) and numerous others have all been truly awesome. Thank you very much, ladies. You're doing a wonderful job!

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